(Excerpt from Chapter 19)

Now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
(1 Corinthians 13:13)

img-transformationIt made sense. The greatest was love. Sure. Right. Of course: without love there was nothing. Without Truth there was nothing. I had been doped by the world into becoming a loud-mouthed idiot! A Godless moron without any conception of compassion and love! All I really knew was Lust and Hate and Bitterness.

A feeling came over me as though I had been tossed into water. The body remained still but moved and undulated with the waves. The Earth turned while the prison cell remained motionless. Far off a dog barked, a phone rang, someone robbed a bank, a guy went to the store to buy cigarettes and never came back, 2 people got married, some lady cheered at The Price is Right!, songs played, humanity continued to move forward and the moon stared down at me like a sacred painting on the wall.

The voice of Jesus manifested itself. I could hear it clearly, saying:

Pick up your cross, and follow me.
You will never be able to return to who you were.

And then he said something I really liked:

All of your dreams will come true.

I felt total Peace and for the first time ever, I experienced Joy and the Awesome Presence of God… I couldn’t sleep, tears of joy streamed down my face while Jesus took away all the sins I had committed in my life… I was truly FREE!