Desperate Highway

Desperate Highway is unlike any other Christian book ever written. This book is targeted at those that are extremely disinterested in anything that has to do with Christians, Bibles, Bibles Study, Church, and unfortunately, Jesus Himself, as I once was.

Why will they, or any person, want to read it? It’s an action adventure, X rated, true story about my life; about a criminal enterprise spanning 15 years…10 years on the run as a fugitive with 24 arrests and 7 felony convictions. Then in 1987 at 40 years old, while serving time in a Federal Prison, Jesus changed everything about my life, a life that didn’t really want to change and was totally lost.

I am currently a mentor for Mr. Jones, a 26 year old man who is in prison, finishing out his 7th year. I asked him, “how many are in here.” He said, “about 700.” I asked, “how many would admit they know Jesus?” He answered, “I’ll be generous and guess 15%.” About 100… that leaves 600 with NO HOPE and extremely not interested… just as I was once. I asked him, “Would anyone of these 600 pick up a book with any well known Christian teacher’s name on it?” He said, “Get real man!”

There are millions of souls that have a curable sickness that cannot be cured any other way. We are made up of two distinct beings: the Natural (or Physical) and the Spiritual. We pour 99.9% of our effort into the Natural which is Temporal and Useless says the Lord. We ignore the Spiritual part of us which is Eternal, it seeks some-thing, and can be filled by only One, and will be made whole by its Creator… and is fulfilled and perfected when Jesus reveals Who He is.

There are 2 million plus people in prison that have little to no hope and another 20 million plus in county jails, on probation, some form of supervision or just plain ex-cons that have no hope. They are the number one target for this book. Then there are another 20 million plus people in law enforcement and another 100 million plus people who know one or more of the above… family, friends, etc.

It’s powerful.

Try it. Walk right up to any person you know – anyone you know is not a believer – and tell them that they are going to go to heaven because Jesus loves them.

Check out the reaction. It’s an act of love. I have never had anyone react badly to that. Usually I get a laugh or a smile and an interested look and most of the time a conversation begins about how they may not be worthy, and they get my testimony. Sometimes weeks, months, years later I see those seeds take root and the life that was once guarded by Satan and his demons begins to break free from that bondage.

Why now?

In October of 2006, I was diagnosed with very serious cancer (Lieomyosarcoma) and heart disease (85% blockage in all my major heart arteries) all in the same week. First, I thought I was out of here, but then Jesus let me know I would be healed. He was clear that time was short, and this book needed to be written now! I believe He changed my life to show everyone that what was considered to be impossible is possible with Jesus.

Now, like so many others, I am addicted to lives changed by Jesus.

Blessings in Christ Jesus for Changed Lives,